Has Snooki had her baby?

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Has Snooki had her baby? 
Snooki has not had her baby as of yet. Pregnant Snooki is still 15 weeks pregnant. This due date should be around August 2012 the last week.

A lot of people are wondering when the mini meatball will have her Snooki baby. Snooki is around 17 weeks along her pregnancy. The average pregnancy last around 40 weeks which means that Snooki will be right around August. This is around the time that they will be ending the show jersey shore season six.Has Snooki had her baby not yet.

Jionni LaValle is Snooki’s baby daddy and he is very happy about this also. Snooki is also wearing a huge ring. Snooki will admit that she was not very sure about Jionni LaValle being Snooki’s baby daddy. Snooki and Jionni went to Disney World on a family vacation also to Pennsylvania. Jionni is in college and trying to study to be a teacher. Has Snooki had her baby soon around last week of August.


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