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Snooki Website  Is Jionni ready for fatherhood.

Snooki has spent her whole night crying in a hotel. Because she did not want to live with Jenni anymore. Snooki and Jenni party the whole my in the small city. One of the reasons that Smokey got mad was because she saw pictures of her boyfriend Johnny posing in pictures with other women.

Snooki Website  stalked Jionni on twitter and she was horrified when she saw these pictures. Snooki is now questioning if Jionni is ready for marriage or is he back to his parting ways. Now Jionni turn the tables on Snooki and asked Snooki if she was ready to be a mother. Snooki hung up on Jionni because she was really mad about what he said.

Snooki Website  A lot of people are wondering if snooki is having pregnancy hormones or is this way she will always be. Snooki has to understand that sometimes she has to ease up on her man and let him relax. Do you think that Snooki is overreacting? A lot of people side with Snooki and a lot more side with Jionni.

Snooki or Nichole Polizzi was born on November 23, 1987.

She is about 24 years old. Snooki is having a baby boy named Lorenzo.

Snooki and Jwoww show is doing  very well and it seems that they are having  a lot of fun.

Is Snooki Italian? Here is the Answer. Spanish and Irish and Chilean.

Jersey shore Snooki is a Guidette Princess. Snooki is very proud of her Spanish, Irish and Chilean heritage. The jersey shore Snooki MTV series was slammed by the Italian American group for keep it up ongoing perpetual negative of the stereotype of the Italian-Americans. Their major complaint is that they say that the Snooki show is replacing Italian-Americans with another ethnic group to promote a Snooki reality show. Is Snooki Italian?

JWOWW and Snooki say they will satyr all these jersey shore myths. These girls remap the Italian heritage. They say that they will show you the true jersey Italian heritage on their Snooki and JWOWW show. GTL which stands for gym, tan, laundry, which is what made Mike the situation Sortino famous. Snooki and JWOWW say that they follow a different routine which is SSC sleeping, shopping and clubbing. Is Snooki Italian?

As Stated Is Snooki Italian

How tall is Snooki? Here is the answer. Snooki is 4 foot 9 inches.

Snooki Jersey Shore at one time was battling a eating disorder where she weighed only 80 pounds. Snooki pregnant was in high school and for lunch she would only have salads for lunch. She was only eating one meal a day and losing a lot of weight. She would only eat a cracker and  a cucumber and that is all sh e would eat all day. She would go to the nurses office and weigh herself and this would not look good. They would notify her parents about her weight. Her parents told her this was not healthy and that she should eat for she could get sick. How tall is Snooki?

 Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino started to make fun of Snooki Jersey  Shore. Snooki explained about her eating disorder. A lot of high school girls at this time do eat one meal a day to stay thin .Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino felt bad about making fun of Snooki and quickly apologized. There are many eating disorders out there. Today’s eating disorder seems to be taking on different meanings. What Snooki ‘s eating  disorder  is a common diet that a lot of celebrities do to lose weight. How tall is Snooki?

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How tall is Snooki?

Snooki says that she used to look at herself and say what the heck happened? She used to have a very poor image of yourself in high school. Snooki is 4’9″ or 149 cm.How tall is Snooki?

In high school she used only eat a meal a day usually some chicken or fish. Then in addition to the check-in mail she would have maybe around six cookies which would hold her off until the next day. She says that her cookies will contain a lot of protein such as milk and beef and each cookie would contain about loving carbohydrates and around 100 cal. She says that she would like to be around 100 pounds but right now she weighs 110 pounds as of now. Snooki seems to like a lot of shorter men. A lot of people ask How Tall is Jionni LaValle? He is around 5’3″. How tall is Snooki?

As Stated How tall is Snooki?