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Snooki Website  Is Jionni ready for fatherhood.

Snooki has spent her whole night crying in a hotel. Because she did not want to live with Jenni anymore. Snooki and Jenni party the whole my in the small city. One of the reasons that Smokey got mad was because she saw pictures of her boyfriend Johnny posing in pictures with other women.

Snooki Website  stalked Jionni on twitter and she was horrified when she saw these pictures. Snooki is now questioning if Jionni is ready for marriage or is he back to his parting ways. Now Jionni turn the tables on Snooki and asked Snooki if she was ready to be a mother. Snooki hung up on Jionni because she was really mad about what he said.

Snooki Website  A lot of people are wondering if snooki is having pregnancy hormones or is this way she will always be. Snooki has to understand that sometimes she has to ease up on her man and let him relax. Do you think that Snooki is overreacting? A lot of people side with Snooki and a lot more side with Jionni.

What is Snooki favorite junk food? It is pickles.


She dose not like to read books but dose like the tabloids. Snooki loves her bronzer eye liner.

Her  boyfriend Jionnni Lavalle is excited about the Snooki pregnancy. Snooki new soda is Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops on the West Coast. Snooki Tanning lotion is doing great. Snooki perfume is doing great also.

One of the most funniest Snooki interview was when she was on a talk show and they were interviewing her about Snooki quotes.

These Snooki quotes are hilarious.

Snooki is uninhibited and will say whatever comes to remind she is a natural.
This young woman has a lot of same charisma as Marilyn Monroe. Right now in a lot of Snooki interview the question is Snooki pregnant. There is going to be a lot of people that are going to want to see Snooki baby pictures. One of the reasons is a lot of people are just fascinated by this young woman. She has taken the country by storm and the gorgeous waiting to see what she actually does or says next. She drinks a lot and parties a lot. This really fascinated a lot of good young teenagers who want to emulate this jersey shore Star. Yes it is true that people want to know is Snooki really pregnant. Well it is true but I’m really not sure is Snooki really pregnant or is she trying to get publicity.

In a recent interview with Conan O’Brien she was spilling into her famous Snooki quotes. The whole audience could not get enough of this sensation of Jersey shore. Her charisma was electrifying and people just are spellbound with just what comes out of her mouth next. I am waiting for the Snooki talkshow that I know that is just around the corner for I know that a lot of the big honchos of NBC and MTV are watching this pre-Madonna.

Snooki jewelry line and snooki clothing line is now taking off because of her publicity and her ratings. Snooki can actually handle her own show which could be caught with her friend Jersey shore Deena. Baby Snooki probably will team up with Vinny from Jersey Shore on their own show.

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