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Snooki Website  Is Jionni ready for fatherhood.

Snooki has spent her whole night crying in a hotel. Because she did not want to live with Jenni anymore. Snooki and Jenni party the whole my in the small city. One of the reasons that Smokey got mad was because she saw pictures of her boyfriend Johnny posing in pictures with other women.

Snooki Website  stalked Jionni on twitter and she was horrified when she saw these pictures. Snooki is now questioning if Jionni is ready for marriage or is he back to his parting ways. Now Jionni turn the tables on Snooki and asked Snooki if she was ready to be a mother. Snooki hung up on Jionni because she was really mad about what he said.

Snooki Website  A lot of people are wondering if snooki is having pregnancy hormones or is this way she will always be. Snooki has to understand that sometimes she has to ease up on her man and let him relax. Do you think that Snooki is overreacting? A lot of people side with Snooki and a lot more side with Jionni.

Well Snooki pregnant is a shock to the people that watch Jersey shore and Snooki boyfriend.

All eyes will be on Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi as the cast of Jersey Shore gears up to film the show’s next season later this year. Not only is she returning to Seaside Heights for another batch of episodes, she’ll be doing so with a baby on the way.

How it will all play out remains to be seen. In the meantime, Celebuzz was curious to find out: Is the Jersey Shore house actually baby-proof?

The answer probably won’t surprise you …

“Oh, hell no!” Snooki quipped Friday while promoting her new book, Gorilla Beach. “If anything, I’ll get my own place. That place is for partying and single people.”

As for how much Snooki — who confirmed she is pregnant and also engaged to her baby daddy, Jionni Lavalle, in March — will be featured next season, the 24-year-old mom-to-be said she doesn’t know yet.

“We’re still working that out. I don’t know where I’m gonna be living, or my involvement, just because I’m pregnant and I want to be as healthy as possible with it. But I couldn’t picture myself not being a part of it.”

Gorilla Beach, which hits book stands on May 15, sees the return of Jersey’s “sexiest guidettes,” Gia and Bella, as they inadvertently find themselves on the run, in Atlantic City. With two novels and a lifestyle book under her belt, Snooki — who will co-star with Jenni “JWoww” Farley in an upcoming MTV spinoff — says she sees even more books in her future.

“I would love to write as many books as a I can. I definitely wanted to do a sequel to A Shore Thing, so Gorilla Beach was perfect.”

With a baby on the way, Snooki also said she’s open to writing a children’s book.

“That would probably be really easy to do, so I would probably love to do love that. [Laughs] Maybe like a Crocodilly book or something,” she quipped….More at Is the ‘Jersey Shore’ House Baby-Proof? ‘Hell No!’ Says Snooki (EXCLUSIVE) – Celebuzz
There will be a lot of plans made for Snooki boyfriend and Jersey shore.

This season should be very interesting for now Snooki is pregnant and she may be writing a new Snooki book. her real name is Snooki Polizzi. People do ask is Snooki Italian the answer is yes. Snooki Polizzi TV career is taking off there is also talk of a new TV show possibly a Snooki talk show. Snooki and Vinny both seem to have their careers to be skyrocketed. There charisma seems to be taking hold of the general public and whatever they touch turns into gold. A lot of people ask is Snooki Italian well a lot of people would say that she is synonymous with Italian. Her personality is taking Jersey shore by storm.
There are many jersey shore pictures throughout this website. a lot of the Jersey shore pictures are of Snooki boyfriend. We are still waiting for Snooki pregnant pictures. These Snooki pregnant pictures will be in high demand. But even in more high demand will be Snooki baby pictures.

The reason that Snooki baby pictures will be in high demand is because of her huge fan following including Snooki boyfriend.