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Snooki Website  Is Jionni ready for fatherhood.

Snooki has spent her whole night crying in a hotel. Because she did not want to live with Jenni anymore. Snooki and Jenni party the whole my in the small city. One of the reasons that Smokey got mad was because she saw pictures of her boyfriend Johnny posing in pictures with other women.

Snooki Website  stalked Jionni on twitter and she was horrified when she saw these pictures. Snooki is now questioning if Jionni is ready for marriage or is he back to his parting ways. Now Jionni turn the tables on Snooki and asked Snooki if she was ready to be a mother. Snooki hung up on Jionni because she was really mad about what he said.

Snooki Website  A lot of people are wondering if snooki is having pregnancy hormones or is this way she will always be. Snooki has to understand that sometimes she has to ease up on her man and let him relax. Do you think that Snooki is overreacting? A lot of people side with Snooki and a lot more side with Jionni.

The new Snooki Jersey Shore Show will involve that is Snooki pregnant.

There is 4 conversations you should have before you get married.

So let me tell you some of these in your marriage you should have a very clear plan of what your marriage should be. Islamic couples I’ve spoken to do not know what Problems will live the future. If you fail to plan you definitely will plan to fail. Entering a relationship with a future wife may be coming from two different backgrounds.

Children is a very important topic. How many do plan to have. Do you actually want some. This is a tough financial situation deciding how many and if you want them.

Finances you definitely need to know what your spending habits are and there’s. How’s your credit score is low because of the recession. A lot of people are afraid to bring this up but this is important. Today by a lot of things such as expensive shoes. Do you want a joint banking account with them.

Religion is another factor. Do you have anything in common with religion. You want somebody with the same religion or someone different. Are you both Christians or Catholic.

Goals this is very important should you write them down. There is one year, three year, five year and 10 year life goals.

There are many other questions and conversations you should have before you get married. Especially before you say I do with your potential husband or wife. These are some tough talks you should not be afraid to ask these questions. They may save you at the divorce later.

The title of the new Snooki show could be Snooki Pregnant – Snooki Jersey Shore Clashes With Snooki Wedding.

With Snooki pregnant the show will definitely take a new turn instead of all the drunken drama.

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Jwoww And Snooki are excited about the Snooki Wedding.

The Snooki Jersey shore show will be a star-studded affair with the Snooki wedding. Mike the situation Jersey shore loves being on the Jwoww And Snooki show.

Every Jersey Shore viewer is aware that JWOWW is a fan of her own enhanced knockers, but did you know that she’s a big supporter of boobs in general? Because apparently she is all about everyone’s cleavage.

In a new blog post, JWOWW pimps Boobstagram, a new app that “takes all of the boobie pics from Instagram and puts them all in one place.” JWOWW calls it “pretty freakin genius.” Well, that’s one word for it…

It’s nice to know that JWOWW is happy to spread the boobtacular love as far and wide as possible.

See what else JWOWW has to say about the new app here.

Catch the premiere of Snooki and JWOWW’s new spin-off…More at JWOWW Loves Boobs: The Jersey Shore Star Pimps Boobstagram

Snooki the other day mention that it is important for her to get a boob job right after her childbirth. Pregnant Snooki who is 24 years old mention that she would like to go under the knife to get a great boob job. Snooki Jersey shore would like to breast-feed her baby so that it will help her lose her post baby weight.

Snooki says her boobs are huge. Snooki’s boobs went from a C cup to a D cup while she is pregnant. She says that breast-feeding will hurt but it is important for her to get her weight down so she rather breast-feed after the pregnancy. Pregnant Snooki also mentioned that she wants to get a boob job.

Snooki Jersey shore is right now 15 pounds over her normal weight. Jersey shore Snooki says that she would like to eat turkey burgers and solids with tuna. She says that she will get back to Snooki 98 pounds after the childbirth. She is hoping that the baby weight will just melt right off.

September is the due date for Snooki to give birth to the new Snooki baby. Snooki’s boyfriend Jionni LaValle’s mentioned that this will be there first child and that they both are very excited. Lorenzo and Jionni Jr. are the possible names that baby Snooki may have. Jwoww And Snooki are ready for the Snooki wedding and they are making plans right now.

Snooki Jersy Shore is ready to get married and she wants a Snooki wedding.

The the Snooki show is one of the most interesting shows on TV right now with Snooki Jersey shore.

Someone in the Jersey Shore family was sporting some major Pauly D swagger long before the world knew about the world’s most perfect blowout.

Mr. Snooki, aka Jionni LaValle, had his own version of the Pauly blowout in high school, as this class photo above shows. Though the ‘do is really more Snooki pouf, at least when it comes to sheer height. Jionni may have been an even itty bitty guido back in the days, but his hair was far bigger.

We don’t think it’s a fair fight to ask who does the blowout better, especially since Jionni didn’t exactly have the right gel-to-hair ratio, but do you think Jionni was a high school stud with this style?

Catch the premiere of Snooki and JWOWW’s new spin-off on Thursday, June 21 on MTV….More at Check Out Jionni’s High School Blowout – How Does it Compare to Pauly D’s? (PHOTO)

Snooki once get married in the worst way. She says if Snooki’s boyfriend Jionni does not propose to her Snooki will propose to Jionni. This is hilarious but Snooki is a firecracker she does what she wants to do. Snooki Boyfriend Jionni better get ready because Snooki Jersey shore is on the rampage. Snooki and Jwoww are both collaborating and they both want a Snooki wedding. The Snooki wedding will be the highlight of the new Snooki and Jwoww show.

Snookie On Twitter Shocking News Click here Snookie Twitter.

Pregnant Snooki has been tweeting up a storm on her new Snookie on twitter about the situation. She thinks he’s hilarious and he needs to get a life.

In a series of revealing interviews with MTV, The Situation is finally opening up about his experience in rehab, getting help for his addiction to prescription pills, and how he plans on staying sober “one day at a time.”

In this clip, The Situation confesses that his lowest point was in Australia (see these pics for evidence of how Down Under he really was), when all he had to do was make an appearance for one hour at an event, but he was so tired that he could barely get dressed. He says it was his brother Mark and his sister Michelle who he finally turned to for help….More at The Situation Describes His Rock Bottom: I Was So Tired I Couldn’t Get Dressed (VIDEO)

Snooki and JWoww Vs. The World is done be very popular especially on snookies twitter about snooki polizzi twitter. Jersey shore Snooki is going to have a lot of drama and fights going on in her Snooki show snookis twitter. Her boyfriend Jionni LaValle with  also is snooki s twitter discussing the snooki wedding and Snooki pregnancy.

Twitter Snookie has a lot of Snooki quotes that will keep you laughing especially Jersey snooki photo,New Jersey the situationSnooki and JWoww Vs. The World will discuss snooki 98 and Snooki 98 pounds. Jionni Snooki are both very happy and cannot wait for the Snooki wedding that will be on the new Snooki show.

Jersey shore Snooki is on top of the world right now and it seems like nothing could go wrong especially with her new boyfriend Jionni LaValle. Pregnant Snooki is now moving into a new household of the Snooki Jersey shore showSnookie On Twitter and  snooki deena his counsel he talking about her snooki weight and Snooki 98 pounds.