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Click here to watch the video and see snookie punched in the face!

MTV reality sensation Jersey Shore (the Real Word, but with guidos), is only two episodes in, but it’s already infamous for a moment that hasn’t yet aired. Next week, you’ll see Snookie punched in the face by a man in a bar. Judging by the show’s trailer, Jersey Shore is positively built upon its cast members getting into drunken bar fights. So why do we only care about one woman’s hit to the face?

The punch, which MTV previewed in a trailer for the upcoming season, has inspired both excitement and disdain from commentators. One Web site delighted over an image of Snookie getting punched over and over again, calling it “the most gratifying animated gif you will ever see”; Jezebel, which framed Snookie’s punch as an incident of violence against women, called the “the clip and commentary chilling.”

==> Click here to watch the video and see snookie punched in the face!

This week, MTV responded to the concern. According to NY Daily News, next week’s Snookie-punching episode will be a Very Special Episode of Jersey Shore:

MTV will air a public service announcement after next week’s episode of the controversial series “Jersey Shore” because it includes an incident of violence against a woman as seen in the video of snookie punched in the face.

The PSA, set to air following the Dec. 17 episode, reads: “Violence against women in any form is a crime. If you or someone you know is being abused by a boyfriend, family member or total stranger, please call 911 or log on to for information and help. You can also call The National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline at 1-866-331-9474 for immediate support.”

Click here to watch the full video!

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by IronHide

One of the world’s most controversial cartoons has taken aim at the reality show Jersey Shore. They really ripped at one of the reality shows breakout star named Snookie. In the Southpark episode she was depicted as a giant ugly rat that was addicted to cocktails,dill pickles,and some odd sexual humping gesture that she referred to as “smoosh smoosh”. I thought that when Southpark makes fun of celebrities they slander there name or have them doing things they normally dont do. This seems like a normal thing to me from the few times I watched Jersey Shore. They also showed the popular start Mike “The Situation” while he was showing of his abs that he usually likes to talk about he was beaten to death.

Since this episode has become an overnight viral topic. There are now many websites that are talking about making a possible halloween costume called the Snookie Smoosh Smoosh monster. I couldnt really picture a costume of an orange rat with boobs hanging out. The fassion accessories that would have to be involved would be a fake cigarette. I dont know if I would let my kids wear it. Dont want them getting wedgies and being made fun of but thats just me I guess.

I think I would probably give in and buy it if it really did come out if it had a voicebox that really said the sound clip from the show. As an adult you would be the hit of any party you showed up to but its still a gamble to be honest. I would honestly have to say other than the comical clip of Snooki and the recent inclusion of the word muff cabbage in urban dictionary because of this episode. They really dont deserve the extra attention.

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